Vicarium Launches the Vicarium Academy

The really great thing about a new technology like blockchain or DLT, is that it really brings in a lot of eager, almost hungry people who are “excited to embrace something new”. Helping those people finding their way proves not always to be so easy. One of the biggest hurdles in the blockchain world of today is the lack of authentic, credible, unbiased, and above all neutral and objective voices.

With the Vicarium Academy we are helping to bridge that very gap between the various knowledge levels with actual, valuable and relevant insights. Offering seminars for beginners, to master classes for seasoned experts who want to stay ahead of the curve, the Vicarium Academy offers it all.

Key questions that will be addressed are what is DLT, what does it do, what doesn’t it do, where and how to apply it, what factors to consider, what is the playing field, why should or shouldn’t I consider the Blockchain, what is compliance and governance? An important aspect is also making sure everyone understands and values the fundamental principles of DLT.

Various levels are offered, and even for the more experienced “Blockchainer” we offer new and fresh insights, not to mention we will be painting a picture of how the future might look like. Your key take away will be an up to date and practical understanding of today’s business opportunities and some of the legal, regulatory and governance challenges in the Blockchain. We also teach you to appreciate the way technologies can and will change our way of life, and impact all aspects of it; socially, economically, politically, physically and otherwise.

After delving into what DLT is, we start with painting the current and possible future Regulatory framework. Additionally, we touch on certain Governance considerations that come to light in this new technology, and of course we will review the Legal considerations.

We pride ourselves in offering something truly special, namely all our teachers have practical and theoretical expertise and experience. Lastly, all our programs offer interactivity. We feel it is important to not just tell you what you need to need know, we want to make sure you do, and can apply it to your specific situation.

Welcome to the Vicarium Academy!