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“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the bevst art.” – Andy Warhol. 

For us, business is also art. Vicarium is a collective of seasoned professionals ensuring to provide expert consulting and support services. Delivering implementable and actionable advice. Always effective and efficient where we can. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services as much as we pride ourselves on our honest and professional approach. It is all about straightforwardness and transparency with no one left in the dark.

Andy Warhol didn’t work in a studio, he called it “the Factory”. He understood the very core of how business, society, and economics can come together. Vicarium cannot argue with that.

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About its founders

As modesty is not our middle name, best way to describe Vicarium is as THE authority when people talk about “the Blockchain and crypto space”, in the fields of Law, Gouvernance and Business Consulting. Both founders have been involved in the Blockchain and crypto community for a few years, and both have an ample academic background. Prior to blockchain they span a 30 year business career.

Vicarium understands and appreciates the value of trinity business, gouvernance and legality, and feels it is important to not simply comply, but moreover take a pilot role. The analogy with the “Wild West” has sometimes been made when taking about “the blockchain” and Vicarium doesn’t feel they need to, but actually want to lead, chart and guide. Vicarium will be the vehicle that delivers just that.

Dr. David Meszaros


The seemingly nebulous and quickly expanding world of blockchain technology, ICOs, and cryptocurrency at large comes with a labyrinthine assortment of potential legal questions. When it comes to all matters that arise at the intersection of blockchain and law, I advise our clients as an international lawyer, business consultant and blockchain enthusiast with knowledge of many legal systems all over the globe.

Drs. Hans Koning TTIM


With over 25 years of experience with start-ups as investor, board member, advisor, mentor and coach in Asia, America, Australia and Europe, in virtually all sectors, I consider myself to be an internationally experienced and seasoned adviser, entrepreneur, and business manager. I enjoy things I don’t understand (yet). Live and work by the motto: “Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward” (Victor Kiam).

Our Services


Integrated, solid and independent advice with a tailor-made approach from elite experts; seize opportunities, propel your business, pursue your dreams.


When it comes to all matters that arise at the intersection of blockchain and law, we have all your world class legal solutions from blockchain and crypto insiders in one place.


With fundraising we work with the “5 and 5” principle. This means that we ask for a 5,000-euro upfront retainer and receive a 5% commission on all funds generated.

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Vicarium Academy

Many use the terms ‘Blockchain’ and ‘Distributed Ledger’ interchangeably. Although Blockchains are a form of distributed ledger technology, not all distributed ledgers use a chain of blocks to provide a secure and valid distributed consensus.

However rather than focusing on semantics, we feel it is more important to demystify this technology, and make sure you do not only understand what it is, but also what it could and perhaps should do.

To do just that, we ensure that all our Masterclasses are given by industry experts, thought leaders, seasoned business professionals, academics, and most often a combination of the above. They all know from a practical and theoretical perspective what DLT is; its potential, and also its possible limitations, but above all make it visible and alive, more than just an advanced technological concept that is only available to the tech savvy.


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